The EHA-Patient Joint Policy Symposium

Giora EHAThe patient advocacy voice was on the table with the EHA-Patient Joint Policy Symposium where EHA congress participants heard the views of patients, professionals, regulators and industry.

Zack lowAll of them given the chance to contribute to the discussion on hot topics as the following:


  • Access to treatment session: where our CML-CAB member Zack Pemberton-Whiteley stressed that patient involvement in HTA must be combined with real influence on decision-making.patient-reported outcomes (PROs), CAR T cell therapy, clinical trials and drug approvals. 
  • Patient-reported outcomes (PRO) session: where our co-founder Giora Sharf discussed the use of PRO in clinical trials.
  • Managing the hype on CAR T session: where our colleague Ananda Plate from MPE called on all stakeholders to agree on a combined set of tools that help achieve meaningful benefit for patients. 
  • Regulating personalized medicine trials session: where our co-founder Jan Geissler stressed the need to involve patients in all the difficult decisions on ethics, regulation and data protection.
  • Raising the bar for drug approvals session: where there was a consensus among the panel and the public on the need for meaningful involvement of patients in decisions on benefit, and for the alignment of all stakeholders to define patient-relevant endpoints.

To read the full report of the EHA-Patient Joint Policy Symposium 2019 please, visit this European Hematology Association Congress webpage.

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