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Call for Nominations for the CML Horizons Steering Committee

At CML Horizons 2019, the community elected its fifth global "CML Horizons Steering Committee", consisting of CML patient advocates from North America, Middle East and Africa, Western Europe, Latin America, Asia & Pacific and Central and Eastern Europe & West Asia regions.

Our Steering Committee is made up of expert CML Patient Advocates and is intended to serve as a leading team member for the CML community by providing support and help to implement CML Horizons annual meetings, as well as other projects, led by the CML Advocates Network. Know more about it on  "About the Network".

The current term CML Steering Committee from Middle East & Africa, Western Europe, Asia & Pacific (incl. Australia and New Zealand) and Latin America is coming to an end at "CML Horizons 2022", and hence we would like to ask the community to nominate candidates for the upcoming elections. If you are from these regions, this is your opportunity to become an active and professional CML Patient Advocate and empower yourself as well as your region. If you feel you can contribute, please submit your nomination. 

The CML Steering Committee consists of one elected representative from each of the six major regions:

  • Asia & Pacific
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Western Europe
  • Central and Eastern Europe & West Asia

plus, the three CML Advocates Network founders as permanent committee members.

Deadline for nominations: 1st October 2021

To nominate a candidate for the election of the "CML Steering Committee 2021-2023", we would like to ask your patient organisation to submit the nomination form by 1st October 2021. If you represent that organisation, you may also nominate yourself and send the completed form to the email:

The nomination needs to state your motivation and contribution to the committee on behalf of your region, your history and vision as CML advocate, your English language skills, and whether you are willing to commit significant time for teleconferences, meetings and emails to bring the community and conference to the next level.

Every CML Advocates Network member organisation can nominate only one candidate from their region. If you represent that organisation, you may also nominate yourself. A list of CML Advocates Member organisations can be found on our website:

For further information, please take a look at the nomination form attached HERE.


The elections will be held at a predetermined date of the regional meetings leading up to CML Horizons 2021 virtual event which will be held on Friday 22 to Sunday 24 October 2021. All nomination files will be provided to all members during the regional sessions, to give everyone sufficient time to consider their vote. In addition, every candidate will present themselves and will be recorded ahead of time and their video will be placed on the event platform.

Every member organisation from Middle East & Africa, Western Europe, Asia & Pacific (incl. Australia and New Zealand) and Latin America regions of the CML Advocates Network has one vote per seat at the elections. Even if there are 2 delegates from a specific organisation, they have only one vote. Your current regional leader will be in touch with you and we will explain how the voting will happen during the regional meetings.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lidija Pecova at any time.


Your current CML Steering Committee:

Giora Sharf (Israel/co-founder CML Advocates Network)

Jan Geissler (Germany/co-founder CML Advocates Network)

Jana Pelouchová (Czech Rep./co-founder CML Advocates Network)

Šarūnas Narbutas (Lithuania/Central and Eastern Europe & West Asia Representative)

Lisa Machado (Canada/Region North America Representative)

Bahija Gouimi (Morocco/Region Middle East & Africa Representative.)

Felice Bombaci (Italy/Region Western Europe Representative)

José Castro, (Costa Rica/Region Latin America Representative)

Rod Padua (Philippines/Asia-Pacific Representative)