Faces of Courage and Hope: Sixteen CML patients

CML patients from Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and UK tell their story, e.g. where they turned for support since their diagnosis, how they have faced living with the disease, and the way their personal and professional lives have changed since then are the subject of these sixteen inspiring stories told through photographs and interviews.

Here are some snapshots of the book profiling the sixteen patients that were interviewed:

David from Ireland

ScreenShot 006 BOOK David Profile

Christine from Italy

ScreenShot 007 BOOK Christine Profile

Dragana from Macedonia

ScreenShot 008 BOOK Dragana Profile

Ros from Russia

ScreenShot 009 BOOK Ros Profile

Monique from the Netherlands

ScreenShot 010 BOOK. Monique Profile

Sarit from Israel

ScreenShot 011 BOOK Sarit Profile

Fernando from Spain

ScreenShot 012 BOOK Fernando Profile

Rita from Denmark

ScreenShot 013 BOOK Rita Profile

Sarunas from Lithuania

ScreenShot 014 BOOK Sarunas Profile

Mina from France

ScreenShot 015 BOOK Mina Profile

Carin from Sweden

ScreenShot 016 BOOK Carin Profile

Euzebiusz from Poland

ScreenShot 017 BOOK Euzebiusz Profile

Michelly from Portugal

ScreenShot 018 BOOK Michelly Profile

Karen from the United Kingdom

ScreenShot 019 BOOK Karen profile

Jan from Germany

ScreenShot 020 BOOK Jan Profile

Bert from Germany

ScreenShot 021 BOOK Bert Profile

The Team that produced this Book

ScreenShot 071 BOOK The Team


Sendegeya Charles Community Builder Avatar   26.01.2015 (06:09:38)
get connected Yes No I discovered that I was suffering from CML in May 2014 and I started my treatment in June 2014. Last Saturday, attending my monthly clinic together with other patients, I discovered that there exist the stories of 16 colleagues who live with CML like me. I need to get connected to them and others who have CML.Thanks
Charles Sendegeya