Inofficial CML trial registry launched

Patients wishing to participate in clinical studies often look for a central source of information where they can find easy-to-understand facts on ongoing trials. Existing official registers like or are usually quite difficult to understand and also do not contain relevant links to patient information, e.g. to the informed consent document, trial websites etc.

To improve the situation on availability of CML trials for patients, the CML Advocates Network is now hosting an inofficial database of current academic and industry-sponsored CML trials. The trial registry is run by patients for patients and is set up as a dynamic register in which data are updated on an ongoing basis. You can access the trial registry here: For more general information on clinical trials, read „What are clinical trials?“ at

However only some trials are listed in our register today. We need your help to register all ongoing trials and keep the information up to date. Do you know of any study that is not yet listed here that is currenty recruiting CML patients? Please let us know by using this form: