The CML Advocates Network's Clinical Trial Registry now lists six new studies

About a year ago, the CML Advocates Network set up an inofficial clinical trial registry to give CML patients easy access to information on ongoing CML trials: With the continued input from patients, academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies, who keep submitting up-to-date trial information, the registry has grown and turned into a great source of information. The trial registry contains not only a short summary of the trial, but also (if available) the informed consent documents for patients, a list of the study centers, as well as weblinks to or the EU Clinical Trials Register. Since the beginning of September 2014 alone, six new studies have been added, and 20 clinical trials are listed in total.

The newly added studies are: one new first-line trial with Bosutinib (BFORE), two trials after therapy failure or intolerance (DASPERSE, CABL001X2101), one therapy optimization trial (NordDutch), one Dasatinib discontinuation trial (DASFREE), and one quality-of-life study (LEONIDAS). Several other trials including a trial in children and adolescents are in the pipeline to be published, awaiting data verification before they will be published.

Do you know of any study that is not yet listed here? Please let us know by filling out this form. Or is there an entry which should be corrected? If so, please send us an email. Please also visit our forum if you have any questions or wish to share your experience on these studies.