CancerWorld article on "Generic cancer drugs that we can trust", covering also the situation in CML with Imatinib going off-patent

2015-03-31 13 29 08-Home - Cancer World - Shaping the future of cancer careGenerics markets are gearing up for the expiry of patents on some of the first targeted cancer drugs. It's good news for greater access, but patients want reassurance that switching to generics won't put them at risk. A new CancerWorld article sheds more light on this issue which is increasingly relevant in CML in so many countries, given Imatinib will be off-patent everywhere latest by 2016. The CML Advocates Network​ has pioneered transparency on Imatinib generics (see and this is covered in this CancerWorld article, quoting CML Advocates Network members in Lithuania and Serbia... See the full article here