CML Horizons 2017 - Save the date: 26-28 May 2017

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Join us for the 15thCML Horizons: Learn. Share. Grow" Conference
DATE: 26TH TO 28TH MAY 2017


Equip yourself with knowledge on how to make a difference to the lives of patients, identify opportunities in patient support & advocacy, empower yourself & gain the courage to fight for the rights of CML patients, learn from the experts - both patient advocates and physicians. 

This exciting one of its kind conference will enable you to be able to exchange ideas, interact & share best practice. You will also have the opportunity start networking across borders and build alliances and so much more for you to bring back to your own organization. 
Registration process will start the 2nd week of January 2017 and will inform you as soon as the registration platform is online.

Important Notes

1. Apply for your scholarship on time!

As in previous years, many of you had support from companies that covered your travel expenses and paid the conference fee of 500 EUR, covering accommodation, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and local transport. Please make sure that you contact your local partners as soon as possible in order to secure your support to attend CML Horizons 2017. The earlier you do this the better, since potential sponsors have to include this in their 2017 budgets.

We only have a very limited number of scholarships available, and can only provide this to those organizations that are unable to get support from local partners. Should you encounter difficulties in securing local support for your participation at “CML Horizons 2017”, please contact your regional member of our CML Horizons Steering Committee, and we will try to help. Our aim is to make sure that as many CML advocates from as many countries as possible will be able to attend the meeting. However, we ask you to make serious endeavors to contact your local affiliates of your companies and apply for your grants!

 2. Apply for your Schengen visa on time!

Please also remember to apply for your visa on time! To enter Germany (which is an EU member state) you will need a “Schengen visa”. Detailed information can be found here: Please check this page carefully!

As in previous years, we will provide a briefing-paper in January 2017 that shall help you when submitting your visa-application to the competent authorities in your country. Please make sure you prepare and submit your papers on time (3 months before your trip, i.e. latest by end of January).


  • Please note that there is a restriction of two advocates per organization.
  • Registrations will start in January 2017. We will inform you as soon as the registration platform is online.

We very much hope that you will be able to attend the 16th conference of its kind - with an exciting program on CML advocacy and CML science, and great networking opportunities with CML advocacy leaders around the globe!

Warm regards

Your CML Management & Steering Committee


Toni Montserrat Community Builder Avatar   17.12.2016 (17:06:38)
I would like to be there Yes No Main problem for me, is not been representing any "organization" and not having "a big pocket" to assume the expenses...

Anyway, I'll still trying to be updated on any changes or opportunities...

Thanks to all of you.
Celia Marin Community Builder Avatar   21.12.2016 (08:56:35)
CML Horizons 2017 attendance Yes No Dear Toni,
Thank you so much for your interest in our activities. We are working hard to bring to all the patients the best support and information to improve our cml patients advocacy. Since we are a network of CML patients advocates our activities are not intended towards individual patients, but rather for CML patients groups leaders. But as in previous years, we will share all the information on our website with videos of all the medical and advocacy sessions and reports of the meeting/ You can also follow the news from CML Horizons conference live through our social media channels. We hope this will be a helpful tool for you to learn and get empowered as a CML patient. Thank you again for your words and wish you the best!
Toni Montserrat Community Builder Avatar   21.12.2016 (09:18:02)
CML Horizons 2017 Yes No Thank you very much Celia¡¡¡

Keep in touch and I'll keep all of you updated about our advances in the organization side¡¡¡

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017 to all the team¡¡¡

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