More than 50 CML patient groups sign the "Baveno CML Declaration"

declaration.jpgPress Release - More than 50 organisations supporting patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia have signed the "Baveno CML Declaration" in 2008 to call for improved access to cancer treatment and better adherence to international treatment guidelines.

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New Horizons in Treating Cancer Conference 2008 in Italy: A global voice for CML

baveno.jpgThe 6th annual international New Horizons Conference for Organisations Representing People with CML or GIST was held from 27 to 29 June 2008 in Baveno, Italy, with the highest ever attendance. For the first time the Congress had a truly global representation, with almost 100 delegates from more than 35 different countries covering Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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CML and GIST patient groups met in Germany (2007)

new_horizons_2007.jpgThe 5th International “New Horizons” Conference for Organizations Representing People with CML and GIST, held in Bad Nauheim, Germany, (29 June – 1 July 2007) brought together 80 representatives from 22 patient advocacy groups in 28 countries. This yearly event has become a platform for CML and GIST advocates from all over the world to meet and learn from the experience of each other. Advocacy issues that were discussed at the meeting included: CML and GIST medical updates, strategic alliances, challenges of running a newly established patients groups, how patients can contribute to the design and implementation of clinical trials, drug access, fund raising, and many more.

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Patient Groups Launch International Platform "CML Advocates Network" (2007)

logo_cmladvocates_106.gifBad Nauheim, 1 July 2007 · Four patient groups from the UK, Germany, Israel and Czech Republic launched the "CML Advocates Network" as an international platform for organisations supporting patients and relatives suffering from "Chronic Myeloid Leukemia" (CML). The worldwide network offers support by sharing of best practice, information and advice for CML patient advocates across the world. Innovative use of Internet technologies will further increase collaboration.

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CML Advocates met in Budapest (2006)

new_horizons_2006.jpgThe "4th CML and GIST New Horizons in Treating Cancer summit" for patient group representatives was held in Budapest from 23rd to 25th of June 2006. The summit brought together 70 patient group representatives from 26 countries.

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Welcome, UDON CML Patients Group from Thailand!

map 300420We hereby proudly welcome a new member organisation in the CML Advocates Network:


UDON CML Patients Group, based in Thailand.

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CML Horizons 2020 registration now open


CML Logotip 2020 Online Virtual 5

Registration is now open - Join us for the 18th “CML Horizons: Learn. Share. Grow" Conference

DATE: 6th to 8th NOVEMBER 2020 - LOCATION: Virtual

taking place during the Time Zone of Central European Time (CET).


HZ18 web

Due to on-going events surrounding COVID-19 the CML Advocates Network Steering Committee have decided to hold this year’s conference as a virtual event.

As we move online, we look forward to offering you the same vibrant Programme and have secured top medical speakers as Dr. Andreas Hochhaus, Dr. Jeff Lipton and Dr. Jorge Cortes and Doctor Benneh who will speak about the future outlook for CML treatment, the impact of generic medicines as well as updating us on the latest developments in Treatment-Free Remission.

Our advocacy sessions will also take stock of how CML patient groups have adapted to supporting the patient community during COVID-19, access to treatments and how to strengthen advocacy efforts through alliances and partnerships. This year's congress will also feature special messages from Dr. Brian Druker and Dr. Pia Raanani.



Registration web

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Welcome, CML Advocates Ghana! Now 97 patient organisations from 73 countries in the CML Advocates Network

We hereby proudly welcome another new member to our network: CML Advocates Ghana is our 97th member organisation.  We now have members in 73 countries worldwide! See the list of CML groups in the Network on our world map.


Welcome, AELEMIC (Spain) and A.G.I.L. (Senegal) - now 112 patient organisations from 84 countries in the CML Advocates Network

We are proud to welcome two new member organisations to the CML Advocates Network: AELEMIC based in Spain and A.G.I.L. based in Senegal. The CML Advocates Network now totals at 112 member organisations in 84 countries worldwide! See the list of CML groups in the Network on our world map.

Book: "FACES OF COURAGE AND HOPE - 16 Inspiring Stories of People Living with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia"


Just in time for World CML Day 2014, the CML Advocates Network published the international CML Book, a English-language book that illustrates the life of 16 CML patients from 15 countries.



Buy it at for 16 GBP

Buy it at for 20 EUR:

Both Amazon stores ship the book

16 Inspiring Stories of People Living with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

The book Faces of Courage and Hope introduces the faces and cancer journeys of sixteen patients with

chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML). Men and women of different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, each share their unique experience in coping with life-altering circumstances and how they refocused their lives.

Sixteen CML patients from Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and UK tell their story, e.g. where they turned for support since their diagnosis, how they have faced living with the disease, and the way their personal and professional lives have changed since then are the subject of these inspiring stories told through photographs and interviews.

Two patients affected by chronic myeloid leukaemia conceived of Faces of Courage and Hope as a way to support and encourage people as they adjust to the new reality of living with CML. Photographer Bert Spangemacher and patient advocate Jan Geissler know firsthand how disorienting a CML diagnosis can be and what strength there is to draw from sharing in each other’s experiences.

The encouraging stories and uplifting portraits in Faces of Courage and Hope provide support and inspiration for living a full life with cancer.

See what Jan Geissler and Bert Spangemacher say about this book.


BRANDNEW: now also available as animated video!


Selected patient stories are now also available in form of animated videos!

The animated stories bring to life the emotional impact of CML on patients and their friends and family, in addition to their future hopes and aspirations.

The following videos are now available:

We hope you will enjoy watching the video!

More videos will follow!


Please help us promoting the book!

This book can help you to create awareness about CML in your country, and about the different journeys of life that CML patients go through.

We would so much welcome all CML patient organisations worldwide made CML patients in their countries aware about the book. Please see our promotion pack which includes the cover of the book, and some sample graphics.


CML Advocates Network Member Organisations:
Order your copies of the books at production price

Order your copies of the book now! Member organisations of the CML Advocates Network (can purchase the books at our own production price). For more information see here. The sales price of this high quality book is 20 EUR on Our member organizations may use the book for fundraising by selling the book for 20 EUR in their own country.

>> We look forward to receiving your orders by clicking here!

All non-members can buy the book via and - Amazon ships the book world-wide!



Welcome, "CML Busters Family Support Group of California"! Now 104 patient organisations from 79 countries in the CML Advocates Network

We hereby proudly welcome a new member to our network: "CML Busters Family Support Group of California" based in the USA. The CML Advocates Network now counts a total of 104 member organisations in 79 countriesworldwide! See the list of CML groups in the Network on our world map.

Tätigkeitsbericht des CML Advocates Network und der Stiftung Leukämiepatientenvertreter 2011-2013

Die „Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation“ (Stiftung Leukämiepatientenvertreter) wurde im Oktober 2011 formal als Stiftung eingetragen. Die Gemeinnützigkeit der Stiftung wurde von den Schweizer Steuerbehörden mit Wirkung zum 7. Oktober 2011 bestätigt. In diesem ersten Bericht soll über die Tätigkeiten der Stiftung im Geschäftsjahr Oktober 2011 bis Dezember 2013 informiert werden.

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