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Below you will find helpful advice and tips to guide you all the way through the visa application process.

Though we are doing our best to accelerate the approval of all visa, please

  1. do not wait any longer and start applying for you visa NOW (all in all, obtaining a visa for Spain can take up to 2,5 months).
  2. make sure that you have valid travel documents!

If you require a visa, please follow the procedure described below:

a) All participants who need visa for entering Spain should send an email to Sara Guix  at  in order to receive hotel confirmation and invitation letter from the CML Advocates Network.

Addresses and contact details of Spanish consular sections:
For more info about visas to Spain, please visit:

b) For your visa you will need a few documents from us

    1. Invitation letter from the Leukemia patient Advocates Foundation (official host of the Conference)
    2. Hotel confirmation that a room was booked for you
    3. Flights itinerary

c) You will then have to send these documents together with your passport scanned by email to the embassy which is in charge of your country. Therefore please check the list above.

d) At the same time, we will forward your name to the ministry. Visa should be approved within 2 weeks max. After a notification of approval, you will need to send your passport and the original document to the embassy by FedEx (courier) and they will stamp it and send it back. This can take up to 6 weeks.


We wish you good luck with your visa-application! If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact Sara Guix (see e-mail above) or the organizers at

Thank you.

The organizers
Giora, Jan and Nicole, CML Advocates Network


Entry Requirements into Spain

This section describes the different requirements currently in force for entering Spanish territory.     
Entry into Spain for stays not exceeding ninety days per six-month period is subject to the conditions set forth in Regulation (EC) Nº 562/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 March 2006. 

To hold a valid travel document that grants the holder the right to cross the border and which complies with the following requirements: it must remain valid for at least three months after the date of leaving the territory of member states and it must having been issued during the previous ten years.

The document must be valid for the entirety of the projected stay. Citizens from any State of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein only need a valid national identity document or passport. In the event of a minor travelling with a national identity document, the latter must be accompanied by parental authorization.  

Being in possession of a valid visa

This is required of nationals of third countries included on the list of countries whose nationals must be in possession of a visa when crossing the EU's external borders, unless they are in possession of a valid residence permit or a valid long-term visa issued by another Member State. Foreigners holding a valid residence permit or a long-term visa issued by another Schengen State may move for a maximum of 90 days, during any 180 days period, through the territory of the other Schengen States, provided that they are in possession of a valid passport or travel document, that they justify the purpose and conditions of the intended stay, as well as having sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of the intended stay in Spain, and that they accredit that they are not considered a threat to the public health, public order, national security, or international relations of Spain or of other States with which Spain has agreements in this regard. Moreover, they shall be required not to appear on the national list of alerts of the Member State in question.

Being in possession of documents that justify the purpose and conditions of the intended stay, and having sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of the intended stay in Spain

Journeys undertaken for the purposes of tourism or for private reasons

In these cases, submission of any of the following documents may be required: 1.  A supporting document from the establishment providing accommodation or a letter of invitation from a private individual hosting the foreigner concerned in their home, issued by the Police Station of their place of residence. IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances shall the letter of invitation replace the foreigner's accreditation of all other entry requirements. 2.   Confirmation of the booking of an organised trip, indicating the itinerary. 3.   A return or round-trip ticket. In order to accredit economic means, the provisions of Order PRE/1282/2007, of 10 May, on economic means, shall be taken into account; foreigners must prove that they have sufficient means of subsistence available in order to enter Spain. The minimum amount that must be accredited is € 64.53 per person per day, with a minimum of € 580.77 or its legal equivalent in foreign currency.   - Journeys of a professional, political, scientific, sporting or religious nature or undertaken for other reasons
Submission of any of the following documents may be required: 1.  Invitation from a company or from an authority to participate in meetings, conferences, etc., either commercial, business, etc. 2. Document proving the existence of commercial or business relations, etc. 3. Access cards to trade fairs, congresses, conferences, etc. 4. Invitations, entrance cards, bookings or programmes indicating, as far as possible, the name of the hosting organization and the duration of the stay, or any other document indicating the purpose of the visit.   - Journeys undertaken for the purposes of study or other types of training
Submission of any of the following documents may be required: 1.  Certificate of enrolment at a teaching institute for the purposes of attending theory and practice training courses. 2. Certificates regarding the courses attended.
Exceptionally, submission of medical certificates required by the Ministry of the Interior, in accordance with the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality and the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, or pursuant to European Union legislation. The need to submit these certificates shall be made known, as far as possible, sufficiently in advance.

Not being subject to a ban on entry (recorded in the S.I.S. or in the National Register).

The following are causes for refusing entry: 1.  Having previously been expelled or returned by Spain or another Schengen State. 2. Having been expressly denied entry for activities contrary to the interests of Spain, activities against human rights, or for notorious connections with criminal organizations. 3. Being wanted internationally for criminal reasons.   Not being considered a threat to the public health, public order, national security, or international relations of Spain or of other States with which Spain has agreements in this regard.

Not having already stayed for 90 days during a 180 days period.


Tipps for your interview and/or a written application for a visum

Receiving a visa and being successful in an interview for a visum might be dependent on how you explain the reason why it is necessary to attend this conference to be successful in what you do back home in your own country. The embassy might want to be convinced that you know well about the conference, and that you have a personal and professional incentive to return to your country after the meeting. The following questions might help you prepare.


  • CML HORIZONS is global annual international conference for leukaemia patient advocacy leaders
  • The organizers are expecting about 100 leukemia patient leaders from 60 countries
  • The conference will take place at the Rennaisance Fira hotel in Barcelona
  • The conference will last from May 1-3, 2015.
  • The main objectives of the conference are:
  • educating patient advocates
  • building patient groups' capacity
  • implementing advocacy initiatives


  • The CML Advocates Network is hosted by the Swiss-based non-profit “Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation”. This foundation is registered at the address Münzgraben 6, 3000 Berne, Switzerland. It hosts the “CML Advocates Network”, a global network of 90 leukemia patient groups in 68 countries on all continents.
  • The conference is governed and organized by a global steering committee of CML Patient Advocates from North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.


  • The history of the conference dates back to 2003 when it was first established by the pharmaceutical company “Novartis” under the name “New Horizons”.
  • Up to 2011 it was funded and organized by Novartis.
  • Since 2012 it is now a fully community-organized conference, under the umbrella of the Swiss-based non-profit “Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation”, which is a foundation run by leukemia patient organisations
  • This year´s conference will be the 13th conference in a row.


  • I am the leader of the patient group xxx (name of your organization), based in xxxx (country).
  • Our organization currently has xxxx (add number) active members which are mostly leukemia patients.
  • My organisation xxx (name of your organisation) is a member of the CML Advocates Network (and is listed on and the CML Horizons meeting is our "annual conference" where all member organisations meet.
  • Main reasons for joining CML Horizons 2014:
    • Scientific knowledge and medical updates provided by renowned CML experts (medical sessions)
    • Best-practice presentations and Action Forum-Sessions (advocacy-sessions)
    • Excellent networking opportunity with other advocates from all over the world
  • I will myself lead a workshop/hold a presentation at the conference about xxxx (if applicable)


  • I paid for my flights and a conference fee which covers my subsistence costs, including also return transfer from the airport to the venue, accommodation during the conference, as well as food and beverages.
  • OR, if you are eligible for a scholarship: I have applied / received a scholarship that covers my travel costs and / or the conference fee (if applicable)


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