New poster: Online Survey on pediatric CML

poster-pediatric-survey-03-2015 newIn preparation for the medical session on pediatric CML at the annual conference CML Horizons 2015, in March 2015 the CML Advocates Network carried out an online survey among its member organizations. The main objectives of this patient-driven project were:

  • to find out what relevance “CML in children” has for worldwide CML patient organizations
  • to learn how many patient organizations support children or young adults with CML
  • to learn how many children and young adults suffering from CML the respective organizations support and which age groups patients belong to
  • to find out if any specific events and activities are carried out for children or young adults with CML and – if this is the case - which kind of specific activities on pediatric CML the organizations carry out and how often
  • to find out which the major concerns and unanswered questions are to CML patient organizations with regard to pediatric CML

The results of the survey were made available in form of a poster. The authors of the poster were: J. GEISSLER (CML Advocates Network/LeukaNET e.v., Riemerling, Germany), C. BOROWCZAK (Elternverein für Kinder mit CML e.V., Schwerte, Germany), N. SCHRÖTER (CML Advocates Network/LeukaNET e.v., Riemerling, Germany). Click here to see the full poster!