Activities and initatives carried out by pediatric CML organizations


On this page you can find the latest activities and initatives carried out by patient & parent organizations for pediatric CML patients:


logo-ElternvereinGermany: 5th annual family meeting of the German Elternverein für Kinder mit CML e.V.

From 2-5 October 2014, the German group welcomed 20 families and 34 children (18 of them CML patients) to Gstadt at Lake Chiemsee for the 5th annual family meeting. For many junior CML patients and their parents, this annual get-together has become THE eagerly-awaited highlight of the year. One of the main objectives of the meeting is the exchange of information and knowlege. For this purpose, the organizers had invited pediatric CML expert Prof,. Suttorp from the University Hospital Desden who gave an interesting and informative lecture on the current state of research. But the fun did also not come too briefly. The leisure program included a waterskiing lesson (see youtube-video!), an evening barbecue dinner and a visit to the Octoberfest (one of the largest festivals in the world) taking place nearby Munich. Click here to see the full report in German language.


More activities will follow soon!


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