Morocco: AMAL – Association des Malades Atteints de Leucémies

Member’s description

AMAL is The first CML patient group in Morocco and North Africa to support patients with leukemia and similar diseases.

AMAL was founded on April, 16th, 2011, in Marrakech Morocco by 30 patients and parents. Our mission is to improve care conditions and treatment access to all patients.


Patients, parents, volunteers, physicians, nurses, media, large public, medical authorities.

Ways of communication with constituency

Phone, emails, social media, WhatsApp.

Organizational objectives and key programs

Our organizational objectives are:

  • Providing support to patients and families.
  • Improving access to proper treatment and correct monitoring of all patients.
  • Raising awareness, fighting cancer stigma, and educating patients and parents.
  • Advocating to improve policies and decisions in favor of cancer patients.
  • Building a PATIENT HOME to patients and parents living far from the hospital to allow them to be treated.

Our key programs are:

  • Education programs (patient meetings, webinars, educational materials).
  • “Schools without cancer” campaigns to follow healthy nutrition, making exercises, and avoid tobacco.
  • “Youth against cancer” to encourage voluntary work of young people.
  • “Training of general practitioners” by hematologists.
  • “P2P solidarity program” patient helps the patient by donating drugs.

Contact Address

166 Azli Sud 2
Marrakech 40000

Key Contacts

Bahija Gouimi
Said Ennachet


Board of Directors

- 5

Year of establishment

- 2011

CMLAN member since

- 2011

No. of members

- 250+