Mexico: Asociacion Mexicana de Leucemia y GIST, A.C.

Member’s description

We are a group of patients and caregivers with the concern of getting to know better our diseases and the best treatments available, and working on guide newly diagnosed people with the process of acceptance, and searching for the best way to access treatment. Informing them about their Health Rights.


People diagnosed with any type of blood cancer or GIST. Caregiver of any person diagnosed with any type of blood cancer or GIST.

Ways of communication with constituency

Through web page principally.
Through phone or WhatsApp.
The physician gave them our contact information.

Organizational objectives and key programs

Our organizational objectives are:

  • Provide emotional and health rights support to people living with blood cancer and gist.
  • Get medication for blood cancer and gist for free or for a more accessible price.

Our key programs are:

  • Regional Ambassador: A person in every state of the country in touch with the local patients making sure the patient is getting the treatment at the hospital.
  • With an agreement with some Pharma, we can sell medication at a very much lower cost to patients.
  • REINVENTION, CONSCIOUSNESS, AND ACTION: making aware campaigns with all the general public about the importance of knowing blood cancer characteristics; Also explaining to the Health Department about the importance of getting the best treatment for the people diagnosed with blood cancer and GIST.

Contact Address

Callejon San Joaquin #11, Col. La Asuncion, Alcaldia Iztacalco
MExico City
Mexico City 8600

Key Contacts

Martin Rosales
Reynaldo Esquivel


Board of Directors

- 4

Year of establishment

- 2008

CMLAN member since

- 2019

No. of members

- +500