Uruguay: Asociación Uruguaya de Leucemia ASUL

Member’s description

Founded in 2006 by CML patients ( Chronic Myeloid Leukemia ) and their families, achieving legal entity in 2007.

Organizational objectives and key programs

The key goals of our organization are:

  • To be there at the moment a patient is diagnosed
  • To facilitate the creation of the bond physician-patient
  • To keep the patients informed about their duties and rights
  • To create a relationship between the physicians and the members of the organization
  • To become known by new physicians
  • To participate in training
  • To advocate for patients, in tandem with health authorities and proposing different changes
  • To organize activities with physicians and patients
  • To create networks in all Latin America
  • We created the network of oncologic groups in Uruguay, Gabriel being the vice-president of this organization. We now have 12 departments.
  • We are plenary members of Alianza Latina.
  • We participate in training by The Max Foundation.
  • We are founders of the Latin-American Coalition of Blood Diseases
  • We participate in GAPFA | Global Alliance for Patient Access

Contact Address

Bulevar España, 968 Código Postal 11300
+59894520118 - Fax: +59894520118

Key Contacts

Gabriel Tirelli


No. of members

- 114 registered