Guatemala: ASOPALEU – Asociación de Pacientes con Leucemia Mieloide Crónica

Member’s description

ASOPALEU is an apolitical, secular, and non-profit organization. Its work is aimed at education, empowerment, and efforts in favor of the population with CML and GIST. Is partner among the medical community and patients and their caregivers. Advocates to participate by government agencies and authorities of public hospitals.

Is a member of Alianza Latina, Alianza GIST, CML Advocate Network, UICC, and the Working group L.A. LMC.

Share efforts with a local organization for the government to include in the list of basic medicines, the ones which are cataloged as “high cost” and needed by the patients with chronic diseases, also ensure their quality and efficiency.

It provides education and updated information to patients and caregivers about new therapies, monitoring, adherence, qualified emotional support, monitoring and emotional support to patients with newly diagnosed and in relapses.


Patients, patients’ relatives, Hematology, oncologists, Authorities of the Ministry of Health, Hospital´s directors, Representatives of the Max Foundation, Volunteers, Companies, and people with social responsibility.

Ways of communication with constituency

Personal, by phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, email.

Organizational objectives and key programs

Our organizational objectives are:

  • Educational Program.
  • Early and adequate diagnosis.
  • Emotional Support information to new patients.
  • A bridge between doctors-hospitals-patients.
  • Promote de donations of CML and GIST drugs.

Our key programs are:

  • Educational.
  • Emotional Support (with a Psycho Oncologist).
  • Patients helping patients.
  • Gratitude for Life.
  • Reception and delivery of donated medicines for cancer.

Contact Address


Key Contacts

Mrs. Silvia Castillo de Armas
Vice President
Mrs. Karen Armas de González


Board of Directors

- 9

Year of establishment

- 2004

CMLAN member since

- 2003

No. of members

- 250+