Bulgaria: Association of People Suffering from Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Member’s description

The organization I relatively young (3 year old) with 54 members. It energetically participates in the activities of other similar associations (like APOZ) as the mutual support in hard moments is very important


We have a lot of supporters and most important is that most of them are healthy

Organizational objectives and key programs


  • A program to inform the public about CML problems and the solution with the most up-to-date treatment options
  • A program to prioritize the CML problem in Bulgaria by the health authorities – Ministry of Health and National Sick Fund
  • A program to satisfy the actual needs of the Bulgarian patients for correct and timely diagnostics and treatment, taking into consideration the EU accession and standardization of CML treatment in Europe.


  • Providing the people suffering from CML with the drug “Glivec” for free (from the State)
  • Providing enough competent information about the disease (how it develops) and about the best treatment which the patient can get (where and whom to contact). There are special brochures issued for that purpose
  • Moral support of the patient about how to overcome the initial stress from the diagnosis (to explain to him/her that he/she is not doomed)

Contact Address

“G. Dimitrov” Sq.
UBB building, room 408
5500 Lovech
+359 68 603760

Key Contacts

Mrs. Snezhana Hristova
President and Active Member


No. of members

- 54