Latvia: Association of Support for Leukemia Patients (Leikemijas slimnieku atbalsta biedriba)

Member’s description

We were established in December 2004.

The aim of the association is to explain the problems of leukaemia patients to the society, Ministry of Health and its institutions, to support patients and to deal with the issues regarding the illness. The most topical issues are: patient rights to receive qualitative treatment with new, effective and world recognised medicine and methods, experience exchange among patients and creation of stronger bonds not only with the society but also with doctors.

Every quarter a general meeting of members is held where members are informed about the novelties in the association, current events in the health care industry, where they can share their experience and feelings, and get acquainted with the new members of the association.


Leukemia patients and their supporters (friends, family members, doctors etc.)

Organizational objectives and key programs


To support leukemia patients by addressing various needs: medical, educational, social, financial, and others, like availability of the latest medicine.

  1. to explain to society, Ministry of Health and institutions of Ministry of Health the leukemia patients problems;
  2. to support leukemia patients;
  3. to promote actual information for leukemia patients and their relatives;
  4. to develop the communication between patients and medical officials;
  5. to organize the help and advocacy for leukemia patients;
  6. to educate and increase the society’s knowledge about questions according to leukemia.


    • Meetings with association members
    • Correspondence, meetings with Latvian health institutions, national and regional patient organizations
    • Organization of “Leukaemia & Lymphoma day”
    • Press releases prepared by association
    • Commentaries in Latvian newspapers and on-line media
    • Interviews with association members in national newspapers and magazines
    • Persistent effort to increase support & financing from government and society
    • Maintenance of the association website:
    • Cooperation with national hematologists and psychologists

Contact Address

Association of Support for Leukemia Patients
(Leikemijas slimnieku atbalsta biedriba)
P.O.BOX 1343
Riga LV- 1050
+ 371 29231077

Key Contacts

Ingrida Jansone
+ 371 29231077
Ilona Zacmane
Coordinator of Association
+ 371 29277444


No. of members

- ~44 members