Bolivia: Celebrando la Vida. Asociación de Lucha Contra La Leucemia

Member’s description

Non-for Profit Organization (NGO) representing patients of the CML (LMC) and families of patients affected, mainly in Santa Cruz Department, but including affected patients in the whole country of Bolivia – South America.
Mostly managed in Spanish also cover indigenous communities in the Highlands and Lowlands of Bolivia.

Organizational objectives and key programs

Our organizational objectives are:

  • Support and companion to new and existing patients affected by the CML since the initial diagnostic of the disease.
  • Psychological and emotional support to the affected both patients and relatives.
  • Public Awareness and public campaigns about the CML and other kind of similar diseases.
  • Work in coordination and support with the Max Foundation in Bolivia.
  • Works in Public Health policies in support of the CML-affected communities and their relatives.
  • Social control of the CML supports health institutions, mainly governmental and the availability of medicines for the CML community; works with the Customs and Health authorities and also the medical, health community in support of all patients affected.
  • All others activities related to the CML and the people that live with this health condition.

Contact Address

Barrio 2 de febrero, calle San Andrés No. 21
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Provincia Andrés Ibáñez 0

Key Contacts

Brenda Silvana Hurtado
Hilda Paz
Secretaria de Hacienda


No. of members

- 82