USA: CML Buster Foundation (CMLBF) Family Support Groups (FSG) SoCal (PST); DMV (EST); Mid-Cen (CST)

Member’s description

CML Busters’ Family Support Groups are dedicated to assisting US CML patients, their families, and caregivers to improve the quality of life through their journeys with Support, Empowerment, and Hope.


Support groups (380 members US). Online groups (thousands – Global). – Jan 2021
TARGET: The underserved US CML population (120,000+) and their caregivers and families (450,000+).

Ways of communication with constituency:

Face-to-face and virtual support groups meeting (monthly, website, social media groups, social media platforms (FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube), conferences, webinars, newsletter, emails, telephone, teleconferences, special events, meet-the-experts’ events, mailed updates, messenger updates, video messenger updates.

Organizational objectives and key programs

Our organizational objectives are:

  • Empower CML warriors, their families, and caregivers.
  • Provide emotional support through the human connection via face-to-face and virtual monthly peer-to-peer discussions and first contact mentorship.
  • Sharing personal experiences, acquired knowledge while living with CML, and providing mutual support are cornerstones of this program.
  • Provide links to current, curated, and reliable CML information through social media outreach and access to the US CML population.
  • Provide empowerment opportunities for Patient Leaders and Members through participation in: a.Blood cancer conferences (internationally and nationally). b.CML related patient surveys, advisory groups, and advocacy opportunities to represent the CML patient’s voice. c.Lectures, webinars and CML updates such as ASH, ASCO, ESH, CMLHZ, etc.

Our key programs are:

  • US Peer-to-peer Support Groups;
  • First contact new patient engagement;
  • Key events: World CML Day (9-22), Caregiver Appreciation Day (FEB), Holiday Celebration of Life (Dec);
  • FSG Leadership Training updates;
  • Fund the Cure for CML fundraisers (giving back empowerment).

Contact Address

292 Palmer Street Apt C-1
Costa Mesa
Calif 92627
United States

Key Contacts

Joan W Clements
CEO/ VP Mission


Board of Directors

- 6

Year of establishment

- 2013

CMLAN member since

- 2016

No. of members

- 250+