Lebanon: CML group

Member’s description

CML group Lebanon is an advocacy group for CML patients in Lebanon and the Middle East. It has been created in December 2009 by patients who decides to improve health conditions and drug access for all patients in Lebanon.


Around 20 members each meeting

Ways of communication with constituency

What’s App group. Virtual Meeting.

Organizational objectives and key programs

Our organizational objectives are:

  • Make the group’s existence known to the public.
  • Improve drug accessibility for patients.
  • Providing information and support for other CML patients.
  • Keep the group alert to any news.
  • Help as much as we could and help newly diagnosed patients.

Our key programs are:

  • Keep in touch with MOH to provide the best quality medication.
  • Catching any news about CML and spread it to all members of our organization.
  • Stay connected with other organizations in the world to get more info about other countries’ patients.
  • More to come.
  • Many new plans will provide it later.

Contact Address

Achrafieh abdelwahab el englisi str,Saab building 12 floor mamari owmer
Beirut Lebanon
Beirut. none

Key Contacts

Georges Farid Saydeh
Georges Esper


Board of Directors

- 6

Year of establishment

- 2009

CMLAN member since

- 2012

No. of members

- 21 - 50