South Korea: Leu Hiking Club

Member’s description

Leu Hiking Club is started in 2005 to promote healthy lifestyle among patients and their families through regular hiking up in mountain area and raise awareness of their health issue. Since then, we have gradually developed and now we have six branches in main provinces of the country. An estimated 1500 patients, including family members, are now registered. This club is marked by one interesting fact that all the patients share the same doctor, Dr. Kim dong-wook !! 🙂

Organizational objectives and key programs

The key objective is to encourage patients to forget about the disease and go out for a hiking once or twice a month. Once you get CML, you are driven into dispair and do not smile. We can make a difference through a simple hiking together with those who are suffering the same situation. And we have seen positive effects among many of us.

We have annual events such as visiting camp sites, musical concert, and Dr. Kim’s seminar for the patients etc. These events allow us to share information much faster and build better relationships between patients.

Contact Address

Int'l Clinical Research Center
Seoul St. Mary's Hospital & Cancer Research Institute
The Catholic University of Korea

82-2-2258-7622 - Fax:82-2-785-1198

Key Contacts

Sahee Park
Senior resercher of Dr. Kim's lab & co-director of CML day event
Daniel Kwon
Webpage maintenance and on & offline activities in the organization


No. of members

- 1500 (Sept 2013)