Germany: Leukämie-Online / LeukaNET

Member’s description

Leukämie-Online / LeukaNET is an independent and vital virtual community for leukaemia patients in German-speaking countries. This web-based network provides support to patients by translating and reporting news about new research publications and various treatment options for leukaemia. The website also provides knowledgeable information about different forms of the disease, treatment options, and a lot of background information necessary to talk to a patient’s physician of choice. Members of the community can participate in a highly frequented discussion forum and ask questions, as well as share their own experiences. They can also submit news articles to the web site, review books, suggest web links, or update the patient-friendly glossary on haematology.

Leukämie-Online e.V. has no commercial interests and is not-for-profit. It has been developed, run, and financed by patients, and is registered as a charitable organization in Germany.

Even though the site is in the German language only, the site provides links to organizations in the English language, as the research reports in the English language are a key source of information for patients today. Our Web Links Database contains also references to relevant information in the English language on the web.

Organizational objectives and key programs

Ways of communication with constituency:

Online Forum, Annual meetings, Online seminars.

Organizational objectives and key programs:

Our organizational objectives are:

    • Support to patients ;
    • Communicate medical knowledge ;
    • Educate patients;
    • Translations of medical publication;
    • Communication via Online Forum.

Contact Address

LeukaNET e.V., Jan Geißler Am Rothenanger 1b
Bavaria 85521

Key Contacts

Jan Geissler
Founder and 1. chairman
Stefan Huber


Board of Directors

- 1

Year of establishment

- 2001

CMLAN member since

- 2002

No. of members

- 250+