Yemen: National Cancer Control Foundation

Member’s description

The National Cancer Control Foundation was established on March 19, 2003
as a non-profit charitable institution, enjoying a legal personality and having
an independent financial liability that performs its activities and authorities
on a national basis in accordance with the procedures stipulated in its
statute and in accordance with the principles of the Con-situation and the
laws in the Republic of Yemen

Organizational objectives and key programs

1. Health support to cancer patients and increasing rates of their recovery.
2. Contributing to providing cancer patients with good and safe living standards.
3. Decreasing causes of cancer and rates of infection.
4. Making available the financial and spiritual support required for cancer control programs and
improving patient services.
5. Strengthening the institutional building and raising abilities of work cadres and systems for
cancer control and for improving the services of patients.
6. Managing donations to be allocated to cancer control and services of cancer patients


Contact Address

*National Cancer Control Foundation *
Sixty St , Across from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sana'a, Yemen
+967 1 408108 - Fax +967 1 408208

Key Contacts

Tawfiq Abdulhabib AL-Khalli
General manager
+967 1 408108
+967 773307000
Abdulmoneim Abdulqawy AlShamiri
Deputy General Manager
+967 1 408108
+967 770877704


Board of Directors

- 11

Year of establishment

- 2003

No. of members

- 292