Nederlands: Stichting Hematon

Member’s description

Hematon is the patient organization for patients with blood or lymph node cancer and for those who have undergone a stem cell transplant for this purpose. Hematon stands for more healing and a better quality of life. We believe it is important that patients are able to participate in society again. In addition, we draw attention to prevention and palliative care.

Organizational objectives and key programs

Ways of communication with constituency:

Lectures in hospital and community center;
Hematon magazine;
National and regional meetings;
Telephone and mail contacts, FB and other social media;
Website, webinars, and surveys.

Our organizational objectives are:

  • Knowledge.
  • Sharing information.
  • Advocacy.
  • Meet fellow sufferers.

Our key programs are:

  • The “specialist and patient, deciding together” project.
  • Development project the “best care”. This means that diagnostics, treatment, aftercare, and palliative care are performed according to the latest insights by an experienced and specialized team of care providers.
  • The “specialist and patient, deciding together” project.
  • Cancer and Work Development of the guideline on cancer and work with the aim of preventing people who are or have been treated for cancer from participating in work to the extent that they are able. This means that people with cancer must be helped to find suitable work.
  • The Development of tools that support communication with low-literacy patients. It concerns so-called talking cards. These cards help nurses to explain different types of Cancer to people who do not (yet) have a good command of the Dutch language. They have an adapted language level and are provided with clear illustrations.

Contact Address

Postbus 8152
Utrecht 3503 RD

Key Contacts

Jenny Borst
Member of the board commission
Monique Wienen
Member of the board and chairman commission advocacy


Board of Directors

- 8

Year of establishment

- 2000

CMLAN member since

- 2001

No. of members

- 250+