Bosnia and Herzegovina: Organisation of Leukemia Patients “Osmijeh” Tuzla

Member’s description

The organisation was founded in 2013 with the goal of helping patients in fulfilling their rights to treatment. It’s oficially registered as a non-governmental, non-profit organisation covering the regions of Tuzla and Posavina Cantons as well as District of Brčko. Our membership include patients, patients’ friends and family, hematologists and head nurses from the UKC Tuzla’s hematology department.

Organizational objectives and key programs

Our main objective is to provide patients with care, treatment, and better and more humane life conditions. We fight for quality and adequate treatment. We try to keep our patients up-to-date with the improvements in treatment. We try to help new patients learn to cope with the disease and give them and their families support. We organise meetings with similar organisations, exhange experiences and keep constant contact with state-level health institutions demanding better treatment. We raise awareness about the disease by marking the International CML Day. To conclude, Osmijeh does everything we can to make CML patients’ lives as less difficult as we can.

Contact Address

Trnovac bb

75000 Tuzla

Bonsia Herzegovina

Key Contacts

Edib Hadžimuhamedović
President of the Organisation