Egypt: Power of CML

Member’s description

Power of CML was established in June 2014 by Ahmed Awad inside Cansurvive NGO, then it became an independant initiative in Oct. 2015, and starting from 30th of July 2017 it became officialy affiliated Shabab Forsan NGO as responsible for CML patient groups support and awareness activities.

Organizational objectives and key programs

Our long-term goal is to enable CML patients to take part in the decision making process of health policies and strategies affecting them.

To achieve this goal, a lot of steps must be taken on three levels:

1. The patients and care givers: we organize supporting sessions, providing them with data, encouraging them to take part in different activities, and to follow up updated medical researches.

2. The society. We arrange awareness campaigns as well as continuous surveys to measure the effectiveness of the anti-stigma campaigns we manage, and above all advocating the patient rights.

3. The policy maker. We plan to contact the persons in charge to negociate patient’s problems and to suggest further solutions.

Contact Address

Mohamed Mokhtar st, 218
El- Koba Gardens
+2 01009700765


No. of members

- 25 (July 2017)