Canada: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada

Member’s description

A non-profit organisation that raises funds to support patient services, research and education for Canadian patients, families and health professionals. Focused on blood cancers.

Organizational objectives and key programs


  • Our four Canadian Chapters have a patient Services Manager, whose role is
  • assist patients, upon diagnosis, with essential information
  • hold regular patient/family support groups
  • link newly diagnosed patients with a survivor
  • present educational seminars
  • link patients with healthcare professionals, as needed


  • Fundraise to support our structure and programs
  • Review and fund best research grants in blood cancers in Canada
  • Patient service programs (as stated above)
  • Fund the new “Therapy Acceleration Program” in partnership with biotechnology sector and clinical trial sites
  • Support studentships for blood cancer research projects at Canadian medical schools

Contact Address

804-2 Lansing Square
Toronto, Ontario
M2J 4P8
+1 (416) 661-9541 - Fax: +1 (416) 661-7799

Key Contacts

Lucy Di Carlo
National Manager - Patient Education and Support


No. of members

- 250-300 (July 2008)