CML Advocates Network Membership

CML Patient Support Group – Member Registration

The CML Advocates Network (CMLAN) is comprised of leukemia patient organizations listed in the members section of this website. Among the benefits of their membership are:

  • Capacity building activities specific to CML (e.g. CML Horizons)
  • The sharing of best practices
  • The ability to learn from one another
  • Co-ordinate campaigns with other CML organizations
  • Members can also take advantage of other initiatives offered by CMLAN
  • Get access to CMLAN resources
  • Election and nomination of Steering Committee candidates
  • Participation in regional meetings and providing suggestions to the Steering Committee will enable CMLAN to accomplish its goals more effectively

Furthermore, they are listed in our public directory of CML support groups for patients to find local organizations near them.

Should your leukemia patient organization not yet be listed in our CML group directory, we would love to hear from you by either reaching out to Lidija Pecova our Head of Member Relations, Events & Programme Manager at or apply for membership via the application form below.

It should be noted that the network is open only to patient organisations that provide support for CML patients.

Membership-criteria include:

  • The non-profit nature of the organisation
  • Organisations with limited durations of projects or campaigns will not be accepted into the Network)
  • Registration as an NGO that operates nationally or internationally (or both) OR is in the process of becoming a formally registered entity OR intends to become a formally registered entity
  • The focus should be on advocating for and supporting leukemia patients
  • Activities proven to be effective against Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)
  • Those leading the group are either leukemia patients themselves or their relatives
  • Dedicated to the Network’s work and willing to contribute

With their application, organisations applying for membership agree to contribute to the development of the network, as well as to share expertise and experience with other members of the network.

Every application for membership is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A formal registration is generally required for a group to be accepted. It is the designated committee’s discretion to accept, deny or request additional information regarding the activities the informal group provides to CML patients when an informal group does not have formal registration or recognition in its country of origin.

The committee will evaluate a number of factors, such as whether a formal registration is in place (if applicable), whether it is difficult to obtain a formal status in the country concerned, and whether CML is relevant to the organization.

Membership Application Form