We have learnt with deep sadness the passing away of Professor Michele Baccarani on 20th December 2021.

Dr. Baccarani was an outstanding renowned doctor, a great scientist, an excellent hematologist and one of the most important leaders on chronic myeloid leukemia worldwide.

He dedicated his life to research against leukemia, making a significant contribution to change the natural history of this disease and impact on the quality of life of patients.

The CML Advocates Network on behalf of the global CML patients community all around the world, are profoundly grateful to him for his remarkable work on the benefit of CML patients, moreover for the support provided to the birth of our member organisation, AIL Group of CML patients in Italy.

It was a privilege and an honour for us to know him and learn from him.

We wish his family, friends and colleagues all the strength and wisdom they need in these difficult times.

Rest in peace.