Why CML Community Advisory Boards (CML-CABs)?


  • Research is key towards better outcomes, but often the trials are done without patient input, do not deliver on unmet needs, to not deliver patient-relevant data (e.g. PRO, QoL), are run in the wrong countries, do not recruit
  • Care pathways are often not reflecting true patient needs and real-life situations
  • Access to treatment and monitoring is often suboptimal or non-existent – focus on the “most attractive markets”, not on hugest unmet need (e.g. low/middle income countries)
  • Pharma advisory boards are often not meaningful, have little impact on decisions and direction, barely provide reports or follow-up
  • Patient centricity is often mainly a mission statement, not where the difficult decisions are made

To learn more about CML Community Advisory Boards, watch our CML-CAB video.