World CML Day 2017 activities worldwide



This World CML Day 2017 has been a really exciting celebration for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia community. 60 CML Advocates Network patient organisations members of 51 countries from all continents joined our global campaign "Today Together: Today, together we are treated.Tomorrow we need cure!", raising awareness about CML patient perspective, needs, feelings and wishes.

CML patient advocates and patient associations empowered not just the CML patients, relatives and carers but also health care providers, media, policymakers and the public in general.

The CML Advocates Network was really positively touched by hundreds of CML advocacy activities where emotions and scientific CML information shared by CML advocates led the CML conversation on media, social media, health centres and many streets and institutions.

We want to present you this World CML Day 2017 Report with most of the global activities as well as express our warmest gratitude to all participants who made last 22nd September a memorable day.

Don't hesitate to share the report on your websites and social media channels and use it as a powerful tool to demonstrate our global awareness activity.

Download the World CML Day 2017 Report HERE.

Let's go "Today, Together" to congratulate us for the amazing advocacy work and start preparatives for World CML Day 2018!










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