How to record a World CML Day video on your iPhone

1. Open your "Camera" app on your iPhone

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2. Turn your camera into video mode. When you're ready to film, click the record button, and record the video,

We recommend strongly that your video should not exceed one minute in length. Given there will be video submissions from all across the world, having a video of only 30 seconds maximizes chances that people will watch it to the end, and it also makes sure that you focus on your key message that you want to get across. Barely anyone watches a five minute web-video until the very end!

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3. Go to the "Camera Roll" app (where all your self-recorded photos and videos are), and select the video you've just recorded.

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4. Watch the video. When the video is fine for publication, click on the little "share" button on the bottom.
(If you are not satisfied with your video or if it needs to be cut, there are great apps for that, e.g. iMovie).

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5. Click on "Mail". Your video will then be made smaller to fit into an email, and the email app will open.

Even though the iPhone offers direct upload to YouTube, we recommend not to upload it to YouTube yourself, but email it to us. If you upload the video to YouTube yourself, it will then be stored on your own Google account, and other people visiting the official "World CML Day" YouTube channel will not find your video. When we have uploaded your video to the "World CML Day" YouTube channel, you can also share this video by embedding it on your website, or recommending it to your members via YouTube, Google+, Facebook or Twitter. In the near future we will provide you with a guide here how to share your video.

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6. Now EMail the video to your computer, so you can upload it to World CML Day on, or send it by email to directly.

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