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What does World CML Day mean to you? Share your video message with the community!

cmlad-videosWhat does World CML Day mean to you? This is the question we would like you to answer and record in a short video message!

We intend to collect very short video statements from around the world. In those videos, people in the CML community from patients to doctors to caregivers are invited to express themselves by stating what World CML Day means to them. The individual statements will be uploaded on the CML Advocates Network's World CML Day YouTube channel where we can all share it with everyone else around World CML Day (also on your own websites)!

With this initiative we aim to demonstrate unity among the CML community, which includes patients, doctors, caregivers and groups all over the world and - at the same time - demonstrate that every CML journey is unique, providing a different view and perception of CML and of World CML Day. "All united, all unique!"

How do I record a video?

There are a thousand ways to record a video. It is less about technology, but about to have the right support for a good recording with bright lighting and crisp sound quality. To give you simple instructions how to do recording, we've created a simple guide how to record a video on an iPhone. Of course, there are much more sophisticated and better-quality ways to do it!

Each video should start with the following sentence:

"My name is xxxxx (name) from xxxx (country), and to me World CML Day means..."
Suggestion: If you wish, you can film yourself or the members of your organization with your World CML Day poster or any other symbol that you associate with World CML Day!

How do I provide my video to the "World CML Day" YouTube channel?

Fill in the form below where you can upload the video which we will then place into the YouTube channel for you. If you see challenges uploading the video file e.g. because of file size, share the video file with us using file sharing services like YouSendIt.com or DropBox and send us the link (or the video) to video@cmladvocates.net.

Before uploading your video, please make sure that:

  • your video should not be longer than one minute. in This will maximize chances that people will watch your video, and that you focus on the key message.
  • you have the necessary rights and permissions to film the persons and use music (if you use any), otherwise we may not publish it, or YouTube may automatically block your video.

You can start uploading your individual video statements now! Let the world know what World CML Day means to you!

We look forward to receiving your videos and seeing your video message to the world!

The video-project working group
Mina, Stéphane, Amal, Carolina and Kenneth
This is an initiative carried out by a working group consisting of members of CML Advocates Network world-wide and coordinated by LMC France.



Upload your video here now!