This was World CML Day 2014

WCMLD 2013 0922Many of us look back to a very successful World CML Day 2014 - the result of several weeks of hard work!

Again this year, on World CML Day 9/22 leukemia patients worldwide united to address the courage and hope required to live with chronic myeloid leukemia, and called for access to best available treatment and care for all patients. It was a day full of excitement, but also of learning, reflection and hope. 32 CML-groups from all over the world reported their activities.

We want to thank all groups for their engagement and contribution during the past weeks, for everybody´s great spirit and staying power, for the enthusiasm and commitment for the good of CML patients - all this once again proved that we are "all united, all unique"!


Here is a summary of what we have accomplished together over the past weeks:

A BIG THANK YOU to all active members and to all our supporters for filling World CML Day with life! Thanks to you all, World CML Day is not just a name - it has become a mission!


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