World CML Day magnetic pins

Red ribbon as symbol of AIDS...
Pink ribbon as symbol for breast cancer...
… and a World CML Day pin as our global CML symbol!

WCMLD14 magnetic pinWCMLD 2013 0922


Again in 2014, for World CML Day we provided pins with the community's World CML Day logo. 35.000 pins (compared to 8.500 in 2013!) travelled around the world to almost 40 countries on all continents!

This year´s pins were much larger (25 mm diameter instead of 13 mm) and came with two magnets instead of a butterfly clip. Thanks to these magnets, the new pins can be attached to any kind of clothes without damaging the garment and also to any kind of metal surface. The magnet also allows to create awareness beyond World CML Day, as the buttons can easily be attached to the refrigerator, pinboard or similar metal surfaces.

The pins were again distributed among the members of the CML Advocates Network for free.

"All united, all unique!"


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