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What is the CML Community Advisory Board (CML-CAB)

CML Community Advisory Board (CML-CAB) is a working group of the CML Advocates Network. It is a global panel of 19 leading patient advocates from all world regions (“CML-CAB members”) who all represent the unique perspective of a CML patient or relative. CML-CAB members work together to address issues of strategic importance to the community at large and advocate for the best possible research and equal access to the most innovative treatment & care for CML patients around the world. CML-CAB monitors pharmaceutical developments and research in CML through active and targeted interaction, long-term cooperation and continued dialogue with pharmaceutical partners, regulators, medical experts, and the scientific CML-community.

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CML-CAB Objectives & Strategy

Find out more about CML-CAB objectives and strategic priorities.


From History to Present 

Find out more about CML-CAB history and current activities.


How does CML-CAB work?

Find out more about CML-CAB work and development.


CML-CAB Training Sessions

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Composition of CML-CAB

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Participation in CML-CAB meetings

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If you are a private individual and CML patient expert interested in becoming a CML-CAB member OR if you are a representative of a pharmaceutical company committed to improving the lives of CML patients around the world and interested in being invited to a CML-CAB or engaging in a working group, please contact our CML-CAB Officer Nicole at


Other ways of engagement

The CML Advocates Network engages in multiple ways with partners in the life-sciences industry. Some of these engagements are formally operated under CML-CAB, the most meaningful and impactful being the CML Working Groups, delegated by CML-CAB to take on ongoing tasks which require frequent follow-up.

Here you will find a list of current working groups operated under CML-CAB.


Upcoming CML-CABs

Currently no CML-CAB in planning.
News will follow as they become available.



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