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What is the CML Community Advisory Board

The CML Community Advisory Board (CML-CAB) is a working group of the CML Advocates Network where patient advocate leaders from all world regions, many living with CML, work together to improve outcomes of CML patients covering patient information, research priorities, access to treatment and capacity building in the CML community.



The CML-CAB aims to promote best-in-class CML research as well as the harmonisation of good clinical practice, standard of care and access to best available CML therapies and diagnostic tools.



CML-CAB meetings, based on the proven ECAB model implemented by the HIV patient community and EATG for more than a decade, are community-run advisory boards where the patient community decides on the topics of highest relevance and impact for the patient community. Participants of the CML-CAB meetings have the opportunity of a two-way dialogue discussing key topics in CML between key leading advocates of the patient community and external stakeholders and discussing potential follow-up action.


Composition of the CML-CAB

The CML-CAB is comprised of one or more chairs, a steering committee and members. The core team is composed of three permanent CAB members, six regional representatives elected into the global CML Steering Committees, plus additional CAB members nominated by the regional representatives.

Current members of the CML-CAB are:



Jan Geissler, Germany

Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, USA


Western Europe and Israel

Rita Christensen, Denmark 

Cornelia Borowczak, Germany 

Felice Bombaci, Italy 

Zack Pemberton-Whiteley, United Kingdom

Giora Sharf, Israel

Yair Bar David, Israel


Eastern Europe

Sarunas Narbutas, Lithuania

Jelena Cugurovic, Serbia

Jana Pelouchova, Czech Republic



Bahija Gouimi, Morocco

Eunice Oreka, Nigeria



Rod Padua, Philippines

Yoke Choon Yong, Malaysia

Parameswaran Puthen, India


Latin America

Mercedes Arteaga, Argentina

Silvia Castillo De Armas, Guatemala


North America

Gail Sperling, USA 

Lisa Machado, Canada




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