Community Advisory Board – CML-CAB

CML Community Advisory Board (CML-CAB) is a working group of the CML Advocates Network. It is a key strategic tool to have a dialogue of experienced advocates and decision makers about the advocacy community´s priorities and concerns.

What are CML-CABs?


How do CABs work?

Composition CML-CABs

Objectives and Strategic Priorities

Protocol and Terms of Reference

CML-CAB Resources

(Executive Summaries of CAB-meetings & Training Materials)

Watch our video to learn more about CML-CABs!

Upcoming CML-CABs

Currently no CML-CAB in planning. We will inform about any upcoming meetings as soon as details become available. Thanks for checking back!


If you are a private individual and CML patient expert interested in becoming a CML-CAB member OR if you are a representative of a pharmaceutical company committed to improving the lives of CML patients around the world and interested in being invited to a CML-CAB or engaging in a working group, please contact our Scientific Project Manager Eglys González-Marcano at