Know Your CML Application for iOS & Android

Do you really Know Your CML?

Symptoms, test results, or side effects – as a CML patient, it can be easy to lose track of oneʼs disease.

To equip CML patients with all the features they need to monitor their disease properly, the CML Advocates Network has developed a powerful and versatile tool: the Know Your CML app, available for iOs and Android.

Discover the Know Your CML application


The application allows patients in an easy and convenient way to:

  • record their health data, e.g. on symptoms, quality of life or side effects
  • share a comprehensive health report within seconds
  • find peer support and a CML patient organisation near them
  • learn more about their disease through an extensive knowledge database
  • find peer support and a CML patient organisation near them
  • track their health by pairing their their fitness device
  • monitor their BCR-ABL1 count and their blood levels over any period of time

See all features of the application

The Know Your CML app offers an abundance of tools that allow you to record and monitor the status of your CML, learn more about the condition, find peer support and share your health data with your doctor and others:

Record your Health Data

Record your health status by adding test results regularly to keep an overview of your overall health. You can add your BCR-ABL1 count, blood levels as well as heart rate and blood pressure.

Treatment Response Chart

Keep track of your disease course by adding your BCR-ABL1 count to the response chart of the Know Your CML app. The chart provides an overview of your treatment response at a glance.

Weekly Side Effects

Assess your side effects regularly by adding them in our Weekly Side Effects tool comprising 14 categories, e.g. pain, swelling, hair or skin. Your health data, collected through standardized questionnaires, will be added to your health report, which you can access in your settings to print or share digitally with friends, family or your HCP.

Quality of Life questionnaire

Have you been feeling unwell lately but can’t quite put your finger on it? Use the Know Your CML app to record your health-related quality of life and narrow down the cause of your discomfort.

Add your fitness device

Add to your health data by pairing your Apple, Fitbit or Samsung fitness accounts with the Know Your CML app. This information will then also be part of the health report that you can access in the settings.

Share your Health Report

Generate a health report containing a comprehensive and detailed overview of your health data over any period of time, and share it with your HCP, friends or family, to get a second opinion or for comparison with published data from clinical trials.

CML recommendations section

Want to educate yourself and find out more about chronic myeloid leukaemia? Check out the­­ recommendations section. It provides you with a wealth of valuable and lay-friendly information on CML, diagnosis and treatment as well as living with the disease – well-structured, searchable and based on published literature.

CML Advocates Network Member Organisation finder

If you are you looking for peer support, want to share experiences and connect with other CML patients, the Member Organisation Finder of the Know Your CML app is a good place to start: It offers a search function that allows CML patients to find a CML AN member organisation near them, including a complete address as well as contact details.

Browser Compatibility

If you do not have a smartphone at hand or do not want to use one, you can always use the browser version of the Know Your CML app. It works as a stand-alone application and has all the features of the smartphone app, but also syncs automatically with it. Sign in or create a new account here:

CML Data Comparison feature

Check out the CML Data Comparison feature to learn about the CML community and see how other CML patients around the world are faring, what medication they’re on and how it’s working for them.

CML Atlas

Help build our CML Atlas to gather information on access, available treatments, drug pricing and diagnostics for CML patients around the world. The data is pseudonymised and will under no circumstances be shared with third parties. The results will be published at a later date.

CML Quiz

Try the quiz to test and consolidate your knowledge about your CML and compete with other patients around the world.

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