The CML Advocates Network

CML Advocates Network (CMLAN) is an international organization that connects 131 patient organizations, across the globe in 96 countries. Initially founded by four CML patient leaders from Germany, Israel, the Czech Republic and the UK, it is led by a Steering Committee comprised of nine patient advocates representing all six world regions.

In 2005, at the 4th International “New Horizons in Cancer” conference for CML and GIST patient advocacy groups in Dublin, the idea for the CML Advocates Network was first discussed. The “New Horizons” conferences, initiated in 2002, have evolved into an international networking event and a platform for improving patient care and exchanging best practices.

By bringing together expert clinicians, medical professionals, and patient advocacy group organizers, participants can exchange the most current clinical information, best practices in patient advocacy, and hands-on experience, e.g., on how to run patient advocacy groups.

A website for the CML Advocates Network was then created in 2007 to extend international networking beyond the annual meetings as well as to facilitate bridging geographical distances. The website has proved to be a very powerful tool for serving patient leaders around the world.

Through their work beyond the annual conference and website support, the Steering Committee and CML AN team have become instrumental in educating patient advocates. As we educate our members on advocacy and health equity, empower patient groups to advocate, and implement advocacy initiatives in both LMI and western countries, we provide every individual with the opportunity to live a healthy life, regardless of their background or where they live, and develop expert patient advocates by using evidence-based advocacy.

The network was initiated by four patient groups from Germany, UK, Czech Republic and Israel.

Sarunas Narbutas Chairman of the CML Advocates Network

Patients run CML AN independently and it is hosted by the patient-run Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation.

We welcome members from all CML patient organizations or blood cancer organizations that support CML patients worldwide to join the CML Advocates Network!


We aim to improve the lives and survival of all people affected by Chronic Myeloid Leukemia by empowering advocates and driving world-wide change in access, knowledge, diagnostics, treatment, and care.


“A life free of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia”.


Our Objectives


Education of our members about advocacy and health equity, empowering patient groups with advocacy capacities and implementing advocacy initiatives in both Low Middle Income (LMI) and western countries.


Patient advocates will have access to CML-specific resources, including a patient-friendly knowledge base with ready-to-download educational materials. Have a look at our Understanding CML section.


Promoting collaboration between the global CML community and its regional counterparts. Contributing to the development of existing patient groups, sharing best practices, and encouraging and facilitating the formation of new groups.


To provide a worldwide web directory of CML patient groups that can be used to find national support groups across borders. Please visit our members’ page HERE to see who we have on board.