Bangladesh: Bangladesh CML Support Group (BCSG)

Member’s description

Bangladesh CML Support Group was formed in 2013 with a mission to support the CML-affected community in Bangladesh. Initially, we started with 3 CML survivors now we are 100 plus in numbers. We have been in action since 2013 in full phase in touch with The Max Foundation. We are now a global partner of the Max Global Network and CML Advocates Network. We are a group based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our vision is a world where all people facing CML live with dignity and hope. Our group has been providing much into mental support to the affected & their caregivers, creating awareness and reducing the stigma on CML. Developing a network in the community is also one of our mottoes. We are struggling to support our patients in access to treatment among the CML community in Bangladesh

Organizational objectives and key programs

  1. Providing mental support to the affected & their caregivers, create awareness and reduce the stigma on CML among the community in Bangladesh.
  2. Creating linking between patients and physicians to guide the right way of treatment
  3. Linking poor patients to individual donor to support for treatment
  4. Linking with other patient advocacy organizations to support each other

Key Programs

  1. Observing World CML Day
  2. Meetings with caregivers
  3. Annual awareness program
  4. One-to-one patient support program
  5. Meetings with physicians
  6. Attending other patient’s support group (other diseases) meeting as when invited

Contact Address

Dhaka 1216


Key Contacts

Ebna Habib Md Shofiur Rahaman Sohag
Moshaddek Alam
Team Leader


Board of Directors

- 6

Year of establishment

- 2013

No. of members

- 100