Serbia: CML Association of Serbia

Member’s description

CML Association of Serbia is a non-profit and NGO organization. It has been present since 2006. Its intensive work and development began in May 2009. CML Association is committed to bringing the most up-to-date CML information to patients with CML, their family members, and caregivers. Activities of the Association include active communication with the CML patients and their caregivers using different communication channels (website, booklets, social media, chat groups, meetings), helping patients in their everyday life with CML, having a doctor hematologist answering patients` questions. The organization works strongly with all stakeholders important for the CML patients in the country and abroad positioning itself as a leader in patient relations in Serbia and in the region. Our focus is not only the CML community as a group but a single patient himself!


The CML Association of Serbia is working with all CML patients, their family members and caregivers, and all stakeholders (government, pharma, …).

Ways of communication with constituency

The organization is using different communication channels, depending on the situation and needs, such as website, phone, mails, social media, communication groups, face to face meetings.

Organizational objectives and key programs

Our organizational objectives are:

  • Helping CML patients and caregivers in their everyday life with CML.
  • Providing CML patients and caregivers all necessary information about CML.
  • Positioning CML Association in a good relationship with all stakeholders.

Our key programs are:

  • Education of CML patients and caregivers on different topics.
  • Fighting for the best therapies to be available in the country.

Contact Address

Partizanske avijacije 3
Novi Beograd
Serbia 11077

Key Contacts

Jelena Cugurovic


Board of Directors

- 5

Year of establishment

- 2006

CMLAN member since

- 2012

No. of members

- 250+