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A Zero Club number is assigned to each patient that reaches CCR in their CML treatment. I started assigning Zero Club numbers the day I took my first dose of STI571 (Gleevec) on March 29, 2001 as part of the expanded access trial at OHSU in Portland, Oregon. Six months later I became # 102 in my own Zero Club. I consider myself truly blessed.

Organizational objectives and key programs

To assist CML patients with their journey on their CML trip. This includes locating a CML specialist in their area, pointing the patient to organizations that provide free medication for their CML, moderating an on-line chat on a weekly basis, reporting new discoveries to the on-line support groups, organizing patient meetings in Ottawa, Florida and other parts of the world that I travel to.

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67 Shoreham Avenue Ottawa, Ontario
+1-613-726-1117 - Fax +1-613-282-4801

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Zavie Miller
Creator of the Zavie's Zero Club


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- 1340 (July 2010)