Ecuador: Fundación Bekämpa

Member’s description

The organization is focused on the protection and defense of the rights to health, life, and legal security of both cancer patients and their families.

Ways of communication with constituency
We usually communicate with calls to conventional numbers and cell phones, when it is an emergency or priority. However, daily communications are through WhatsApp platform chat.

Organizational objectives and key programs

Our organizational objectives are:

  • Help patients to be able to activate and better manage their disease.
  • Seek help from foundations and government entities so that patients and their families can have a quality of life.
  • Make patients aware of the rights they have so that they can take effective actions such as access to medicines

Our key programs are:

  • Training activities such as seminars and conferences.
  • Nutrition courses
  • Delivery of food supplies (donations)
  • Accompaniment to patients and their families

Contact Address

De Los Pumas N3-55 y Casitahua.
Quito, Ecuador.
Tel: 593 984022318

Key Contacts

Patricio Fabian Baca Castro
General Coordinator
Gabriela de Los Angeles Valdivieso
Legal Attorney


Board of Directors

- 4

Year of establishment

- 2019

CMLAN member since

- 2021

No. of members

- 53