Japan: IZUMI (The Association of CML patients & families)

Member’s description

Conducting activities for CML patients and their families throughout Japan.


CML patients and their families.

Ways of communication with constituency:

Email, phone, mail, SNS.

Organizational objectives and key programs

Our organizational objectives are:

  • Get the right information and treat positively;
  • Make connections between patients;
  • Publicize the actual condition of treatment;
  • Solving the problems we face together.

Our key programs are:

  • Holding forums and social gatherings;
  • Information dissemination by the website;
  • Publication of newsletter;
  • Consultation by phone or email;
  • Questionnaire survey of patients’ living conditions.

Contact Address

5-20-13 Nishionuma Minamiku Sagamihara Kanagawa
Kanagawa 252-0332

Key Contacts

Hidehito Tamura
Ryutaro Kobayashi
Deputy representative


Board of Directors

- 6

Year of establishment

- 2006

CMLAN member since

- 2006

No. of members

- 250+