Mexico: Associacion Mexicana de Lucha Contra el Cancer (AMLCC)

Member’s description

We fight against cancer through education, promotion of timely detection, guidance on the disease, and palliative care to impact and influence public policies with the aim of reducing its impact on the population and improving the quality of care. We support individuals with any type or form of cancer. We are a non-profit association. In April of this year, we celebrated 51 years of uninterrupted work.

Organizational objectives and key programs

*Educate, raise awareness, and inform about cancer to patients, caregivers, medical promoters, and the general public, proposing intervention processes tailored to the target population.

*Promote cancer prevention and early diagnosis through the implementation of early detection studies.

*Provide comprehensive guidance and support to cancer patients through treatments, in-kind donations, counseling, guidance, and referrals based on the individual case and needs of the patient.

*Advocate for and influence public policies for cancer prevention and control, collaborating with various social actors at the national and international levels.

Contact Address

Calle Zacatecas #24-404, colonia Roma Norte.
Ciudad de México
CP 06700

Key Contacts

Mayra Yolanda Galindo Leal
Patricio Miguel González Huerta
Coordinator of Patient Group


Board of Directors

- 14

Year of establishment

- 1972

CMLAN member since

- 2023

No. of members

- 14