China: New Sunshine Charity Foundation

Member’s description

New Sunshine Charity Foundation (NSCF) is a charitable organization focused on healthcare assistance. In the past 20 years, NSCF established the first bone marrow donor registry that operated by patient groups in China, and became the first grass-root NGO in China that supports medical research. In addition, NSCF has been operating the largest Ward School program in the world. At present, NSCF is one of the largest non-profit organizations that focused on hematological disorders and tumors in China. In December 2020, NSCF was rated the highest grade 5A in the Social Organization Credit Assessment in China.


NSCF was officially registered with Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau in April 2009. The predecessors of the foundation are Sunshine Bone Marrow Registry and Peking University Sunshine Volunteers Association, which were founded in 2002 by Mr. Zhengchen Liu, a Peking University student, in order to help other patients after suffering from leukemia. In 2013, New Sunshine Charity Foundation changed from a non-public foundation to a public charity.

Organizational objectives and key programs

To improve the quality and access to healthcare services, prevention and treatment through systematic work:

  1. Ward School: to ensure children with cancers who are out of schools due to hospitalization in long term of period to access education;
  2. Financial support for children with cancer to ensure access to quality assured healthcare with medical expense reimbursement;
  3. Policy analysis and advocacy
  4. Psychosocial service for cancer patients/families and others in need
  5. Paediatrician/physicians cultivation: support paediatricians in western provinces continuing education with scholarship and fellowship programs
  6. Disaster/emergency relief and service
  7. Community Based Organization capacity building


Contact Address

Room 903, 25 Landianchang South Road, Haidian District,
Beijing 100097, P. R. China
+86 (10)88121028

Key Contacts

Zhengchen Liu
Secretary General
Songxin Zhang
Program Director


Board of Directors

- 7

Year of establishment

- 2009