Paraguay: ASOLEU Fundacion de Ayuda al Niño Leucémico

Member’s description

ASOLEU began as a volunteer group of people more than three decades ago, and in 1994 it was established as a foundation.
Our job is to provide all cancer medications and accompany the treatment of patients.
All our efforts are made so that our patients receive medical and human attention, so that they can increase their chances of healing.

Organizational objectives and key programs

It began its actions in 1994, under the figure of an association of volunteers united for a cause in the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Pavilion (HOPE), of the Hospital de Clínicas, in the city of San Lorenzo. It was established as a foundation with legal status according to Decree No. 20817 of April 28, 1998, under the mission of: “Guarantee comprehensive treatment for children and adolescents between 0 to 17 years and 11 months of age.”
The Hospital de Clínicas provides INTEGRAL treatment for cases of Hemato-Oncological cancer; in their different denominations: Leukemias, Lymphomas and Solid Tumors.
Each year between 160 and 180 children and adolescents are assisted for the treatment of these diseases, since at the moment of confirming the diagnosis they are referred directly to ASOLEU. In the year 2022, 1,674 consultations have been carried out at the Hospital de Clínicas. In this context, ASOLEU supports the chemotherapy of children and adolescents who come from all over the country, most of them living in extreme poverty.
Patients from the countryside have the possibility of staying at our “Fausta Massolo” Hostel, where they receive comprehensive assistance (food, personal hygiene, transportation to the Hospital, others) and receive psycho-oncological assistance and school support at the “Home Soli” completely free of charge.
Likewise, there is a project called “Yo Quiero Ser”, which focuses on patients who, after having passed the recovery process at a medical level, have access to the possibility of carrying out their technical studies at the university level, according to the elections own and in their same places of residence. This “Yo Quiero Ser” project provides full scholarships (registration, monthly fees, material expenses, including thesis expenses and everything related to graduation).
Over the years, according to the doctors, the increase in life expectancy has improved due to the support provided by ASOLEU in addition to timely medical treatment. To date, it is not only considered necessary to cure the disease, but also to reduce the side effects that childhood cancer treatment can cause.

Contact Address

Mayor Rivarola near Lillo, Asunción, Paraguay

Key Contacts

Gloria Chavez
Executive Council President
Maria Cantero


Board of Directors

- 10

Year of establishment

- 1994

CMLAN member since

- 2023

No. of members

- 10