Slovenia: Slovenian Lymphoma and Leukemia Patient Association, L&L

Member’s description

Slovenian Lymphoma and Leukemia Patient Association, L&L, was founded in May 2007 and is connecting patients, relatives, friends, medical professionals, etc. It is a non-profit organization. L&L is a member of Lymphoma Coalition and Myeloma Euronet. Slovenia is a small country with a 2.000.000 population and with one hundred CML patients. Country Slovenia is a member of the European Union and is located between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia.

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Organizational objectives and key programs

Patients support and advocacy, Patients Education, Modern treatment and comprehensive care of the patients with blood cancers, Public awareness about diseases and about patients needs, Healhtcare professionals awareness about patients needs.

Contact Address

Vrazov trg 1
- 1000

Key Contacts

Kristina Modic
Executive Director
+386 (0)40 240 950
Milena Remic
Vice President


Board of Directors

- 8

Year of establishment

- 2007

No. of members

- 750