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Member’s description

Blood cancer forum is a non-profit organization that works for better cancer care in Sweden. The purpose of the association is to carry out policy and influence work in healthcare with primary focus on blood cancer and other blood diseases. The goal is that all blood cancer patients should have access to the same treatment and new innovative drugs, regardless of where they live in the country.
Blood cancer forum was started in 2023 by Lise-lott Eriksson and Lennart Ivarsson, both with extensive experience in healthcare issues from the blood cancer area.
Activities are carried out nationally – and internationally – through various opinion forming activities, such as organizing seminars and discussion forums. The target group is primarily politicians, authorities and concerned organizations, and other institutions and decision-makers in the healthcare sector.

Organizational objectives and key programs

The activity has following prioritized objectives:

• Faster introduction of new drugs and treatments. The goal is that all new treatments shall be available to patients in Sweden three months after the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has approved a new drug.
• More clinical studies. The goal is to increase the number of clinical studies by 10 percent within a three-year period.
• Increased patient influence both in an individual and system level. The goal is to work for a model for patient influence.
• Actively participation in Swedish Cancer care policy related issues, with a particular focus on access to new drugs in MPN disorders, patient involvement in HTA-related issues, drug development.

Contact Address

+46 70 776 44 43

Key Contacts

Lise-lott Eriksson
Chairman of the board
+46 70 776 44 43
Lennart Ivarsson
Board member
+46 70 891 20 21


Board of Directors

- 4

Year of establishment

- 2023

CMLAN member since

- 2024

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- 480