Uzbekistan: Uzbekistan CML patients league

Member’s description

League is active since 2008 after the number of patients exceeded 100. Currently, we total 1003 members of this society.

Organizational objectives and key programs

We conduct annually internally following activities:
– “MyPCR campaign” and “closer to patients, closer to Max”;
– Psychological support to patients with CML,
– Seminar workshops together with patients and physicians in the rural long-distance areas of Uzbekistan (1000km far regions);
– Best artist – young CMLer annual art competition;
– 22/9 World CML day – concert and dinner.

CML patient education

CML diagnostic support

Max Foundation supported drugs’ shipment procurement

Activities related to CML disease

Contact Address

Post index: 100115
Country: Uzbekistan
District: Chilanzar
Under construction

Key Contacts

Dr. Khamida Kazakbaeva
Head of the society - MAS programs (GIPAP) coordinator in Uzbekistan Haematologist of the MoH of Uzbekistan


No. of members

- 1003 (2018)